THE Scottish Parliament has faced criticism from a Tory MSP after confiscating a badge from a woman attending one of its committees as per parliamentary rules.

The woman, who last year received an apology from Holyrood after being ejected for wearing a scarf in suffragette colours, was stopped by security staff this morning.

She was asked by a female guard to remove a small badge on her lapel composed of the Venus symbol and two Xs representing female chromosomes.  

According to the Scottish Parliament’s Visitor Code of Conduct, “the display of banners, flags or political slogans, including on clothing and accessories (such as face coverings) is not permitted”.

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It adds that people can “collect items retained by security as you go out”.

The woman, who was on her way to a committee to listen to a petition on accurately recording the sex of the accused in rape cases, challenged the case.

The National:

She said a male guard showed her a picture of the same badge on his phone, saying it was banned because it represented a “lobbying” organisation.

The badge is sold by the For Women Scotland group, a lobbying group which campaigns for the sex-based rights of women and children and has been a vocal critic of gender reforms.

The woman was given a receipt and told she could collect it on her way out.

Speaking to The Herald, the woman, who described herself as a middle-aged scientist but did not want to be named, said the incident was “farcical” and “tiring”.

“I’m sick of being approached by security. I’m not doing anything wrong. I’m coming to watch a democratic debate.

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“It can be quite humiliating being approached like this but they’re not going to stop me.”

She continued: “I’m worried about the message it sends to people. They’re monitoring people’s clothing and worrying about tiny lapel badges.

“It’s not doing anything to encourage women to engage in the democratic process. The way I have been treated in the last two years has been pretty damn poor.”

The woman whose badge was confiscated on Wednesday today previously received a public apology from the Presiding Officer after she was ejected by security from a committee for refusing to remove a scarf in the purple, white and green of the suffragette movement.

Tory MSP Russell Findlay said: “The reasons sound like nonsense. After the farce of a confiscated scarf in suffragette colours during the SNP’s gender self-ID debate, they should know better."

A Scottish Parliament spokesperson said: “A member of the public was asked to remove a badge in line with the Parliament’s Visitor Behaviour Policy which prohibits the display of banners, flags or political slogans.”