FRIGHTENED civilians in Gaza have spoken out in a new instalment of our Diaries from Gaza series.

It comes as Israel expanded its offensive following the collapse of a week-long ceasefire.

The war has already killed thousands of Palestinians and displaced more than three-quarters of the territory’s population of 2.3 million, who are running out of safe places to go.

The ground offensive has transformed much of the north, including large parts of Gaza City, into a rubble-filled wasteland.

Hundreds of thousands of people have sought refuge in the south, including Alhasan Swairjo who evacuated from the area around Al-Shifa hospital with his three children.

He described their journey as a “ghost walk” with “many dead bodies on the ground”.

He added: “I asked my kids not to stare at the bodies and to never look back. The journey was a nightmare.”

Fidaa Al-Araj has a three-year-old son and told of how she is really afraid he will forget how they used to live before the war.

Meanwhile, Khloud Jwefil said “Gaza is no longer Gaza” and called for an immediate and more long-term ceasefire.

She added: “Everything is destroyed. Everything is damaged.”