THE First Minister has labelled the latest Tory immigration policies “an act of self-harm impacting virtually every sector”.

It comes after Home Secretary James Cleverly outlined the Government’s five-point plan to tackle rising net migration on Monday.

He said that a new ban on overseas care workers bringing family dependants and a drastically hiked salary threshold for skilled workers to £38,700 will deliver the “biggest ever reduction”.

Cleverly railed against “abuses” of the current visa system as he said “enough is enough” while unveiling the plans to the Commons on Monday.

The National:

Reacting to the latest plans on Twitter/X, Yousaf commented: “Tories want migrants to come here to take care of our family members, but only if they’re prepared to leave their own children behind.

“An act of self-harm impacting virtually every sector. Tories want to burn the house down on their way out, all the while we suffer as a result.”

Writing in The Sun, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said there is “far too much abuse of our system” which is “not fair on the honest, hard-working British people”.

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He wrote: “There are just too many people migrating to the UK. So we’ve launched a new plan to cut migration, with a simple message.

“If you can’t contribute to the UK, you are not coming to the UK.”

He added that people were “rightly angry” net migration has continued to climb and politicians “have not been willing to take the hard decisions” to deliver on promises to control borders.

“Altogether, our five-point plan means that 300,000 people like those who came to the UK last year will no longer be able to come,” he said.

The National: James Cleverly clashed with radio presenter Amol Rajan (PA)

Meanwhile, the Home Secretary (above) has arrived in Rwanda’s capital Kigali to meet the country’s foreign affairs minister Vincent Biruta to sign the new asylum treaty and discuss key next steps on the deal.

The treaty “will address concerns” raised in the Supreme Court’s ruling, including assurances that Rwanda will not remove anybody transferred under the partnership to another country,” the Home Secretary has said.