A BILLBOARD depicting Keir Starmer as Tony Blair in disguise in a Scooby Doo-style parody has appeared in a Scottish town.

The design, which shows a cartoon character removing a Starmer mask from an apprehended suspect to reveal Tony Blair’s face underneath, went up in Greenock last week courtesy of the Alba Party.

The display came as Starmer offered praise for Margaret Thatcher delivering “meaningful change” to the UK, and indicated a new era of austerity could be on the way if Labour win the next General Election.

In a speech to the Resolution Foundation conference on Monday, Starmer warned his party would not “quickly turn on the spending taps” should they form a government.

The National:

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Chris McEleny, Alba’s general secretary, told The National: “Over the past year Keir Starmer has backed the Tory rape clause and the Bedroom Tax through his failure to commit to scrapping them.

“Whether it’s also tuition fees or any other pledge he made during his leadership bid, he’s scrapped every policy he stood for and instead stands ready to keep the worst of Tory policies in place if he becomes Prime Minister.

“His latest decision to praise Margaret Thatcher is straight out of Tony Blair’s playbook.

“Scotland managed to rid itself of New Labour but with Keir Starmer we could be looking towards a new New Labour - which sadly for Scots will be the same old Labour that wants to deny us our right to self-determination.”