THE SNP have criticised the UK Government for failing to introduce a social tariff to help vulnerable people through the winter months, including those with disabilities.

The party have been urging the UK Government to implement a scheme to assist with energy bills for those on low incomes.

Figures released by the Warm This Winter campaign last month found more than half of people – 56% - from vulnerable households were worried about being cold this winter.

And this rose to nearly two-thirds – 63% - among people living in a household where someone is suffering from a pre-existing health condition or is disabled.

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Recent analysis from the disability charity Scope also showed households with at least one disabled adult or child face additional costs of around £975 per month compared to non-disabled households.

That average extra rises to £1248 per month when there are two disabled adults in the household and at least two children.

Speaking ahead of International Day of People with Disabilities - a day dedicated to celebrating and promoting the rights and well-being of disabled people, SNP MP Marion Fellows warned that the UK Government's recent Autumn Statement offered no support to disabled people.

She criticised the decision to ignore the SNP's calls for a social tariff to help vulnerable people, including those with disabilities, through the winter months.

She said: “This International Day of Disabled People, the UK Government should be hanging their heads in shame at the lack of support they have offered people with disabilities.

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“The UK Government has pushed countless disabled people into poverty - and now Sir Keir Starmer’s Labour Party are copy and pasting some of the Tories' cruellest welfare policies, which will issue in a new era of austerity.

“In contrast, the SNP Scottish Government is working hard to support disabled people and put more money in people’s pockets, through policies like [our] Winter Heating Payment that targets low-income families including those with a disabled adult, or a disabled child."

She added: “With both the Tories and Labour singing from the same hymn sheet on a whole host of damaging policies, including Brexit and austerity, it's clear that only independence can rid Scotland of damaging Westminster policies and build a fairer, more prosperous country for disabled people."