THE SNP have denied media reports of a Covid affair between two unnamed politicians – calling the stories “categorically untrue”.

The party issued a statement in the wake of two vague reports alleging two politicians had broken lockdown rules and betrayed their partners in the Scottish Daily Express and the Daily Mail.

An SNP spokesperson said: “We are aware of rumours being reported in the media concerning two particular politicians, which first circulated in February. No substantiation for these rumours has ever been offered, very simply because these allegations are categorically untrue.”

The papers both claimed to have spoken to the partner of one of the people involved in the alleged affair, which was said to have taken place during lockdown.

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The party had previously declined to comment when approached by the publications.

There was considerable interest in the reports, which fuelled speculation about who may have been involved.

Both stories had also made reference to Matt Hancock’s lockdown-busting romance, which saw him lose his job as health secretary.

The SNP were critical of Hancock over the episode, which saw CCTV footage of him kissing his aide Gina Coladangelo published in the press.