SCOTS have been encouraged to sign a new petition which aims to secure the country’s European future.

We previously told how a new petition – titled Would You Like Scotland To Be Part Of The Conversation On EU Enlargement? – asks European citizens and MEPs in the next Parliament to “remember us, consider our clear desire to rejoin the EU as an independent country and to keep Scotland part of the conversation on a democratic, open and fair EU enlargement”.

Following the launch of Europe for Scotland’s petition, Independence Live hosted an event with a variety of EU campaigners who called on Scots to sign the petition – which can be found HERE.  

Among the speakers was Europe for Scotland’s lead Italian ambassador Sarah De Sanctis, who said: “The idea is quite simple. It’s to make use of us at Europe for Scotland because we have a widespread network – we’re active in 17 European countries.

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“The idea is that every group of ambassadors in the local country would contact their prospective MEPs.

“So in my case, I’m the lead Italian ambassador so I would go after people running here in Italy, I would contact them and say something about speaking on behalf of X many Scots.

“We want to vote for someone who will bring the Scottish question back on the table so it would be to commit to some kind of action before the election which is when the voters have the greatest negotiating power.

“Scots no longer have a voice at the European table and we can’t speak for them, but we can lend them the microphone.

“It’s crucial to have as many signatures as possible because the more who sign, the more negotiating power we’ll have.”

She called on anyone watching the broadcast who wished to support the petition to do so and to try to get three more people each.

Europe for Scotland is made up of Europeans who wish to express solidarity with Scotland and see it return to the EU as an independent nation.

The upcoming European election will be the first Scotland won’t have a say in.

Also appearing on the livestream was broadcaster and writer Lesley Riddoch who said she was “almost moved to tears” by the work done by Europe for Scotland.

“We need to be active and busy on the European front. We are so lucky that we have a set of people who for whatever reason think Scotland matters,” she said.

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Riddoch added that the petition and the work being done by Europe for Scotland was “gold dust” and encouraged Scots to “get off your bahookie” and sign the petition.

“Get on with it. Get three people to sign. Please make the effort to spread this because you know there will be no part of the mainstream media that will even notice this.”