TORY “Bullingdon boys” are reportedly set to bring back pints of champagne, said to have been beloved by wartime prime minister Winston Churchill.

The Department of Business and Trade will reintroduce pint bottles of wine which were ditched while Britain was in the European Union, The Sun reported.

A Government source told the paper: “This is just the latest win from our push to ditch pointless and restrictive EU rules.

“And what better way than bringing back Churchill’s favourite?”

Churchill was said to have enjoyed a pint bottle of champagne with lunch – and is known for his copious alcohol consumption.

The move sparked criticism from the Alba Party, who said the Tories were planning to toast their “last year in office” with pints of fizz while families were “more worried about the cost of pints of milk”.

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Former MP Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh (below), chair of Alba, said: “It sounds like the Tory Bullingdon boys are taking advantage of their last year in office to celebrate their ‘Titanic’ success of Brexit.

The National: Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh

“Nothing could highlight more just how out of touch Westminster is with society when they’re plotting to down pints of champagne whilst people across the UK are more worried about the cost of pints of milk.

“Scotland is an energy-rich nation but our people are set to face another winter shivering in the cold.

“Only with independence will we be able to power Scotland forward.”

SNP business and trade spokesperson Richard Thomson accused the Conservatives of "working harder to promote the French drinks industry" than they were whisky

He said: "It literally speaks volumes that in the midst of a cost of living crisis, the Tories are worrying about the size of bottle that fizzy wine might come in, rather than how people might be able to pay their bills.

"Earlier in the year, they decided to hike duty on a bottle of whisky by 10.1%, so even with their new so-called Brexit ‘freedoms’, Westminster Tories are working harder to promote the French drinks industry than they are our own industry in Scotland.

"This bunch of Champagne Charlies are out of touch and out of time, and hopefully soon out of office too.

"Around 60% of UK champagne sales were in pints before they were scrapped for full bottles or half bottles sold in metric units when Britain joined the European Common Market."

The Government told The Sun changes for champagne sales would be “imminent” while other wines would be sold in pints “early next year”.