THE SNP have warned Scotland’s pensions will never be safe under Westminster control after an  economic watchdog called for the triple lock to be scrapped.

The triple lock was introduced by the coalition government in 2010 and guarantees the state pension will rise at the same rate as inflation, average wages or 2.5% - whichever is highest.

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) – incorporating 38 members countries  - said a shake-up would help give ministers more "fiscal headroom".

Critics say the policy has become too expensive for the Treasury and is unfair on people of working age who may also be struggling.

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The SNP have warned any change to the triple lock would have a devastating impact on Scotland’s pensioners during the cost of living crisis.

David Linden, the party’s social justice spokesperson, said: “It’s clear that for as long Scotland remains under Westminster control, our pensions will never be safe.
“With bills, food and everyday goods continuing to soar, it is incredibly alarming that the triple lock will continue to be under threat from Westminster. 
"Pension poverty is on the rise right across the UK, with households seeing their incomes slashed due to Westminster's economic incompetence.

"Unlike Rishi Sunak and Keir Starmer, the SNP is committed to the triple lock and will always fight to protect pensions from Westminster cuts.”

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A report from the OECD this week said: "Maintaining and strengthening current fiscal efforts is essential against the challenging backdrop of high borrowing and debt, and as higher debt interest payments have eroded fiscal headroom.

"Reforming the costly triple lock uprating of state pensions would help, by indexing pensions to an average of CPI [consumer price index of inflation] and wage inflation, and by providing direct transfers to poor pensioners to mitigate poverty risks."

Chancellor Jeremy Hunt confirmed in his recent Autumn Statement the state pension will rise by 8.5% in April.