A SCOTTISH council has been urged by campaigners to fly the Palestinian flag on the UN's Day of Solidarity "as they have done since 2013" after a decision was made not to.

The UN's Day of Solidarity with Palestine has been celebrated annually on November 29 (tomorrow) since its inception in 2005. It was created with the intention of "promoting the values of solidarity and cooperation among people across the globe".

Aberdeen City Council has flown the Palestine flag each year since 2013, however, they have made the decision to fly the city council flag as the war continues between Israel and Hamas.

Campaigners have started a petition online calling for the council to "do the right thing and not break with Aberdeen’s tradition".

Fiona Napier, who started the petition, wrote: "The UN event is rightly going ahead on the 29th this year, and I encourage you to do the right thing and not break with Aberdeen’s tradition! 

"Not flying the flag this year, especially considering the reasoning you have given, would set a dangerous precedent of allowing politics to interfere with a humanitarian civic act. It would be a divisive act that would reflect badly on Aberdeen City Council."

Announcing the decision, Aberdeen Lord Provost Dr David Cameron said that "“recognising the current conflict is not of the making of either the Palestinian or Israeli people, for consistency, in 2023, the Aberdeen City Flag will be flown on November 29.

"Thereafter, assuming a satisfactory resolution of this conflict, the Palestine Flag will be flown on November 29 each year, until such time as a stable, acceptable two-state position is established.”

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Cameron told The National he chose to fly the city's flag "to adopt neutral colours" and show "Aberdeen will always be on the side of peace".

When approached for comment, he said: "Like people across the world, I have looked on with a great sense of sorrow at the unfolding tragedy in the Middle East. Since the attack on Israel on October 7 and the resulting spread of violence across Gaza, as Lord Provost I have chosen to fly our City Flag."

He added: "Aberdeen will always be on the side of peace, and I believe the best way to demonstrate this is by continuing to adopt neutral colours while attempts are made to find a lasting resolution to the conflict."

The Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign have also encouraged members to sign the petition and email the Provost voicing their concerns.