A YELLOW weather warning for snow and ice has been issued for most of Scotland tonight and tomorrow morning.

The Met Office weather alert is set to affect areas and regions like the Scottish Borders, Lothian, Grampian and the Highlands and Islands.

The snow and ice warning is in place from tonight (Tuesday, November 28) from 5pm to tomorrow (Wednesday, November 29) at around 11am.

What to expect tonight as Met Office issues warning for snow and ice in Scotland

Speaking of the snow and ice forecasted this week, the Met Office stated on its website: "Icy patches and snow are possible, and may lead to hazardous conditions Tuesday evening and overnight into Wednesday morning."

A number of risks have been anticipated including the likelihood of "injuries from slips and falls on icy surfaces".

Much of this threat is from " icy patches on some untreated roads, pavements and cycle paths".

There are also likely to be impacts on roads and railways with longer car, bus and train journey times expected.

Forecasts from trusted weather resource WXCharts originally forecasted snow for Scotland on Thursday and Friday in places like Ayrshire and the Cairngorms in the north of the country.

What is a Met Office yellow weather warning?

These warnings are issued for a range of weather situations that are likely to cause some low-level impact (such as travel disruption) to a limited area.

Such weather warnings mean most people can continue with their day as normal.

Other yellow warnings are issued when extreme weather is capable of causing an impact on most but where the certainty of this is much lower.