ACTIVISTS have staged a protest at the Gallery of Modern Art (Goma) in Glasgow calling for a “permanent ceasefire” in Palestine between Israel and Hamas.

The group, Art Workers for Palestine, demonstrated in the main gallery stairwell for just over 20 minutes before standing in front of the world-famous Duke of Wellington statue with the banner that read “Glasgow kids say free Palestine”.

A banner was also unveiled in the reception of Goma which read “silence is violence, permanent ceasefire now, free Palestine”.

Goma staff rerouted visitors of the museum through a side door to avoid the banner in reception and police were called to attend.

Before officers reached the sit-in, the group left and began chanting outside in front of the Duke of Wellington statue. Drivers honked horns in support and the public clapped as they passed by.

The group also gave out notices which introduced them and their demands, which included "Strike, Protest, Boycott and Divest".

It said: “We are against the silence and inertia in the art world amid the ongoing massacring and genocide of Palestinians and the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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“The current exhibition of Goma by Beagle and Ramsay depicts disaffected, alienated consumers under late capitalism. Their world frays and falls apart. We urge you to break out of this framework and claim real pollical agency. We cannot be spectators to genocide.”

They added: “We are calling all culture workers, art workers, gallery staff, technicians, artists, museum and heritage workers to rise up against the ongoing genocide of Palestinians in Gaza more widely.”

The National:

The action at the museum followed a demonstration on the steps of the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall on Buchanan Street in Glasgow.

This was the second kids' demonstration for Palestine hosted by the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign.