A LABOUR shadow minister has claimed the party's MPs never said they didn't want a ceasefire, despite most of them voting against one last week.

In a confusing interview with Good Morning Britain (GMB), shadow chief secretary to the Treasury Darren Jones told presenters he wanted to be "very clear" that the party wants "the fighting to end" in the Middle East.

A total of 56 MPs voted with the SNP at Westminster for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza which represented a significant rebellion, but the vast majority voted for Keir Starmer's preferred stance of calling for humanitarian pauses. 

Starmer also made it clear that frontbenchers would be sacked from their posts if they voted against the party. A total of 10 members of his frontbench resigned as a result.

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In what has been described as an "embarrassing" interview on social media, Jones told GMB: "Let me be very clear, the Labour party didn't say it didn't want a ceasefire, of course we want the fighting to end.

"But the Labour party amendment we voted for was more reflective of the reality of what could happen in the immediate time ahead based on the diplomatic efforts both of our diplomats here in the UK and our allies in the United States and European Union.

"That's why we called for a longer humanitarian pause so that more aid can be made available and hostages can be released. That's what's happening right now, and we welcome that, but of course we want to get to a position of peace."

Starmer insisted Labour is united on the Israel-Hamas war despite the notable backlash against his leadership.

The Scottish Parliament voted overwhelmingly to call for an immediate ceasefire on Tuesday, with Labour MSPs all backing it.

Israel and Hamas have now agreed a deal to release 50 hostages being held in Gaza during a four-day pause in fighting.

The start of the pause is to be announced in the next 24 hours  and if successful will be the first break in fighting since October 7.

On Wednesday morning, Israel confirmed its ground and air operation in Gaza is continuing before the pause starts. 

Hamas says 150 Palestinian women and teenagers will be released from Israeli jails under the deal.