A CONSERVATIVE minister has branded Countdown legend Carol Vorderman “pathetic” as she launched a scathing attack on the party.

The presenter – who appeared on the long-running Channel 4 programme for 26 years – was criticised on social media by Energy Minister Andrew Bowie, after she suggested young people would be ashamed to be in the Tory Party.

Vorderman was responding to responding to a tweet by Tory MP Mark Jenkinson urging young people to join the Conservatives.

His tweet came two days before the Young Conservative Network closed down.

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Vorderman tweeted: “Can you imagine the shame nowadays of any young person saying they belong to the corrupt Conservative Party?

“Polls show only 1% of age 18-24 would even vote for you....and even then they'd probably do it in secret.”

In response, Bowie tweeted: “Pretty sad and pathetic actually for a well known celebrity to use her platform to attack young people engaging in the democratic process, of whatever party.

“Be better than Carol, whatever your view, and celebrate, don't denigrate, youth participation in democracy.”

Vorderman has long been engaged in politics away from her screen career. In 2009, she signed up to head a maths task force for the Conservatives, saying that “Britain has developed a fear of the subject”.

However by 2020, she became increasingly vocal in her criticism of the Conservatives and recently quit her job on BBC Radio Wales after clashing with the corporation’s social media guidelines.