A LABOUR MP hopeful has said she would “never” trust a Scottish person, The National can reveal.

Labour activist Laura McConnell has been shortlisted for the twinned selection of Livingston and Bathgate and Linlithgow.

But she is facing criticism over comments she made on social media after it was revealed McConnell had previously said she did not trust “Scots in general” because she is a Catholic.

Alba have accused the candidate of trying to “use religion to inflame tensions”.

McConnell – not related to former first minister Jack McConnell – wrote: “I'm a Unionist, a very well advertised one.

"As part of the multigenerational Irish Catholic community of Scotland I will NEVER trust the SNP or Scots in general as far as I can throw them.

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"There is a safety in the UK that cannot be guaranteed for Catholic [sic] after indy."

She has deleted the tweet, a screenshot of which was provided to The National by a source, but a reply which remains live shows some were puzzled by her comments.

A reply to the post from February this year read: “So tell me, why do you never trust a Scot in general?”

The National: Chris McEleny ..Christopher McEleny.

Chris McEleny (above), the general secretary of the Alba Party, said: “These comments aren’t only ignorant they are also devoid of understanding of Scotland’s story.

“The UK currently has on statute anti-Catholic legislation that allows the lawful discrimination of Catholics.

“Without the Catholic Church, throughout the ages, and Scotland’s status as Filia Specialis of the Church there may well not be a Scotland today.

“I have complete confidence that the Bishops of Scotland will continue to faithfully serve the people of Scotland whether we are a part of the UK or an independent country.

“Those that seek election to public office would do well to learn Scotland’s history and also try harder not to use religion to inflame tensions.”

Labour declined to comment.

McConnell was approached for comment.