SUELLA Braverman has been compared to global dictators like Russia's Vladimir Putin by a senior member of her own party.

The intense criticism of the former home secretary, from another former cabinet secretary, came after she suggested drafting a bill to deport people to Rwanda which specifically excluded “all avenues of legal challenge”.

Writing an article in the Telegraph after she was fired in disgrace, Braverman argued that there were five tests to meet for any “emergency legislation” to circumvent the Supreme Court’s ruling that deporting people to Rwanda is unlawful.

The second of these five tests was that: “The entirety of the Human Rights Act and European Convention on Human Rights, and other relevant international obligations, or legislation, including the Refugee Convention, must be disapplied.”

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She added: “Judicial review, all common law challenges, and all injunctive relief, including the suspensive challenges available under the Illegal Migration Act must be expressly excluded.”

The calls were likened to something foreign dictators would do by Damian Green, a former work and pensions secretary.

The senior Tory MP wrote: “The second test is the most unconservative statement I have ever heard from a Conservative politician.

“Giving the state the explicit power to override every legal constraint is what Putin and [China’s Xi Jinping] do. We absolutely cannot go there.”

Another Tory MP, Simon Clarke, backed Braverman.

A close ally of Liz Truss during her brief time in government, Clarke wrote: “Suella sets out clear and rigorous tests for new legislation on small boats. “We should be crystal clear: half measures won’t work. We need the legislation that is brought forward to be truly effective, and if the Lords block it – let’s take it to the country.”

Braverman’s five tests were:

  • 1: The bill must address the Supreme Court’s concerns regarding Rwanda.
  • 2: The bill must enable flights before the next General Election.
  • 3: Swift removal must mean swift removal.
  • 4: Those arriving here illegally must be detained.
  • 5: This must be treated as an emergency.

Braverman – who was home secretary last week – also claimed in her Telegraph article that the “fault” for the current situation “lies with the politicians who have failed to introduce legislation that would guarantee delivery of our Rwanda partnership”.

But she added: “Now is not the time to waste energy on a post-mortem of how we got here.”