RISHI Sunak has been urged to say if David Cameron will “give full public disclosure for his work for Chinese interests”.

Labour leader Keir Starmer pressed the Prime Minister over Lord Cameron’s work for a Chinese investment fund, which he claimed may have links with the Chinese state.

Former prime minister Lord Cameron was appointed Foreign Secretary in Sunak’s reshuffle on Monday.

The reshuffle also saw former home secretary Suella Braverman ousted, with Sunak hailing a new “strong and united team” in Government.

Speaking at Prime Minister’s Questions, Starmer said: “The Prime Minister obviously thinks so little of his own MPs that he’s had to peel David Cameron away from his seven-year exile in a shepherd’s hut and make him Foreign Secretary.

“But a few months ago the Intelligence and Security Committee said that the now-Foreign Secretary’s role in a Chinese investment fund may have been, and this is their words, engineered by the Chinese state.”

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He added: “When will he instruct the Foreign Secretary to give full public disclosure for his work for Chinese interests?”

Sunak said he was “delighted” Lord Cameron had returned, saying his “unrivalled experience” will help Britain navigate an “uncertain world”, adding: “Like every other Government minister, he will go through the normal process with the independent adviser.”

He said China presents an “epoch-defining challenge” and accused the Labour Party of having “taken almost £700,000 from an alleged Chinese agent”.

Lord Cameron oversaw what some have called a golden era of UK-China relationships and kept close links with the country after leaving Downing Street. 

He was revealed by a story in Politico in October to have championed investment in a major Chinese-funded development in Sri Lanka. 

Lord Cameron has denied having contact with the Chinese firm involved in the scheme or the Chinese government.