CLAIM: A number of Twitter accounts have accused Stephen Flynn of holding his wreath "upside down" on Remembrance Sunday.

Doorstep Answer: Flynn was in fact holding a wreath produced in Scotland, which is markedly different to those in England. 

What happened? 

The SNP’s leader in Westminster attended commemorations at the Cenotaph on Sunday where he laid a wreath on behalf of the SNP and Plaid Cymru.

A number of accounts suggested that Flynn was holding the wreath “upside down”.

Conservative pundit Sophie Corcoran said: “Stephen Flynn, the Westminster leader of the SNP held his wreath upside down – looked totally unbothered and refused to sing the national anthem.

The National:

“We do not need disrespectful disgraces like this in politics.”

Another account named @JEyal_RUSI also suggested Flynn was holding an “upside down wreath” as did the account @moomintroll41.

Is this true? 

Many have pointed out that these claims appeared to be based on a misunderstanding as Scottish wreaths and poppies, made by Lady Haig’s Poppy Factory in Edinburgh, have always been different to English ones.

"The Scottish wreath is always held like that," said one user, while another commented: "If you educate yourself you will realise it's a Scottish wreath and was held the correct way."

A third shared a previous image of Ian Blackford holding the wreath the same way when he was Westminster leader and said: "No he's holding it correctly. Not all wreaths are the same."

The National:

As many accounts also pointed out, it is tradition for the remembrance note to be at the bottom of the wreath rather than the top.

The Telegraph also reported that both SNP and Conservative insiders confirmed Flynn was holding the wreath the right way.

The National:

Flynn also came in for criticism for not singing the national anthem with deputy Scottish Tory leader Meghan Gallacher commenting: “Stephen Flynn is entitled to his republican views, but as Westminster leader of the SNP he has a duty to show respect to our head of state and to all nations and anthems.

“By apparently refusing to join in with the national anthem, especially at a service to honour those who gave their lives for this country, he has fallen shamefully short of this.”

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In response, a spokesman for the SNP said: “Stephen Flynn was honoured to represent the SNP at the Service of Remembrance at the Cenotaph, which is about remembering the sacrifice of all those that have defended our freedoms, including members of Mr Flynn’s family.

“It is disappointing that the Scottish Conservative Party is seeking to politicise Remembrance Sunday in this way, on a day when we should be united in remembering the service of others.”

Fact check rating 

The National: All the evidence would suggest that Stephen Flynn was in fact holding his wreath correctly.

Scottish wreaths are indeed different from those produced in England and previous images also show Blackford holding it in the same way.