ALBA Party activists have sent an open letter to SNP members calling for "collaboration and collective action" when campaigning for independence.

The letter includes a series of “demands” for the two parties to support.

The "demands” call for the establishment of a national commission on independence, a non-party aligned peer-to-peer campaign vehicle, and an independence convention.

Activist Craig Berry said the “initiatives aim to pave the way for a coordinated and effective movement that unites the Scottish independence cause” across political divides.

Berry added: "Amidst the diverse political landscape, this letter highlights the critical importance of grassroots activists setting aside internal differences and forming a strong alliance that transcends political boundaries.

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"We are calling for unity, stressing that the ultimate goal of securing Scotland's independence stands above party lines. With a vision to establish a self-governing and empowered Scotland, our letter advocates for activists to show unwavering commitment to independence."

When asked whether Alba activists would be held to a code of conduct to ensure unified and respectful cross-party campaigning, Berry said: “Alba does have a code of conduct for members which sets out minimum standards of behaviour expected from members towards each other and in representing the party externally. It also has a fair complaints procedure to ensure that party members adhere to the code of conduct. This is governed by a disciplinary committee as well as an appeals committee.”

The SNP overwhelmingly passed a resolution in 2022 calling for the party to support the adoption of a code of conduct for the Yes movement, although it is unclear if the party has, which is separate to their member code.

And least 142 Yes groups have agreed to join in and campaign under the umbrella of Believe in Scotland and have signed their code of conduct, which maintains political party neutrality.

The full letter is below:

“Independence united: An open letter to SNP grassroots activists

“As we stand united in our unwavering commitment to the cause of Scottish independence, it becomes increasingly apparent that our collective strength lies in our ability to work together, transcending any perceived boundaries or differences. It is with this spirit of unity that we, Alba party activists, reach out to grassroots activists within the SNP.

“The journey towards independence demands a steadfast dedication and a shared vision.

“While our individual parties may differ in certain policies and approaches, the ultimate goal of securing Scotland's independence remains the cornerstone of our collective struggle. It is imperative that we set aside any internal differences and forge an unbreakable alliance that amplifies our voices and propels our mission forward.

“By pooling our resources, experiences, and diverse perspectives, we can foster a powerful and resilient movement that resonates with every corner of our nation.

“Together, we can build bridges, establish common ground, and create a formidable force that transcends the boundaries of political affiliations.

“Let us not be defined by our party names, but rather by our shared aspiration for a Scotland that is self-governing and empowered. Let us work hand in hand, leveraging our combined strengths to amplify the message of hope and freedom for our beloved nation.

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“Our unity is our greatest asset, and it is through this unity that we shall overcome the challenges and triumph in our quest for independence.

“To this end, we call on each of our respective parties to support the following demands:

  • Establish a National Commission to begin the work now in preparing Scotland for independence.
  • Establish a non-party aligned peer-to-peer campaign vehicle to shift public opinion on independence.
  • Establish an Independence Convention to unite the independence movement across divides.

“In the spirit of solidarity and shared purpose, let us set aside our differences and focus on the greater vision that unites us all. Together, we can shape a better future for generations to come, one that is founded on the principles of self-determination and the enduring spirit of the Scottish people.

“Yours for Scotland, Craig Berry, Charlie Abel, Suzanne Blackley, Michael Breslin, Scott Fallon, Hector Macleod, and Jim McEleny.”

The SNP have been approached for comment.