VIEWERS have described a broadcaster and journalist being kicked off GB News in a segment focused on freedom of speech in media as “beautiful irony”.

Michael Crick, a founding member of Channel 4 News, was invited to join presenter Neil Oliver’s panel on Saturday evening, for a programme segment on media censorship.

During the discussion, Oliver highlighted previous comments made by Crick, stating GB News “should be shut down”. Crick agreed and expanded on his comments.

He said: “I’ve been fighting bias in television for a very long time, and it’s one of the reasons I left Channel 4 News cause I thought it was left-wing biased, and I think Ofcom, which is one of the weakest institutions on the planet, should get a grip on you lot.

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“It’s absurd that you have Tory MP, after Tory MP, after Tory MP, two leaders of the Brexit Party, and hardly any Labour MPs – you are a right-wing channel and the rules in this country are very clear."

Crick was interrupted by Oliver, who said: “I don’t think you can deny that the channel has made space for all kinds of voices, left and right.”

Oliver was in turn interrupted by Crick denying his statement, adding: “I mean look at when Nigel Farage takes the week off, who replaces him? The leader of Reform UK.”

Oliver was seen trying to stop his guest from speaking, as the camera stopped showing Crick as Oliver moved to a break. Crick could still be heard listing names of Tory MPs who feature on the show as Oliver said, “Bear with us”.

Social media user James Withers shared the clip, calling the contribution by Crick “magnificent” and said: “With beautiful irony, the discussion was about freedom of speech.”

Later in the evening Crick took to Twitter/X, writing: “I've just been expelled from GBNews studio after being invited there to criticise Brian Rose, 2021 London mayoral candidate, and then - when asked why I thought Ofcom should close GBNews down - I said because it's a right-wing channel dominated by Tory and Brexit Party politicians.

“The overall topic - freedom of speech. Eventually, during a break, an angry producer of the programme marched in and said ‘Out’, and pointing at me, ‘You, Out!’. He said I'd refused to ‘move on’, in terms of topic. Gosh he was furious. So anyway, I left.

“No doubt GB News will post the full exchanges on here shortly.”