CALLS for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas will be refreshed when parliament is recalled next week, as pressure grows on Keir Starmer to take a stronger stance on the conflict.

The Labour leader is facing intense media scrutiny over the disunity in his party on the conflict in Gaza, with around a third of his MPs at odds with the leadership’s opposition to calling for ceasefire.

He was told to resign by two Labour council leaders on Friday and has been publicly contradicted by big names such as Anas Sarwar, Sadiq Khan and Andy Burnham.

Now Labour backbencher Richard Burgon has confirmed he will be resubmitting an early day motion to press the issue when parliament resumes after the King’s Speech on Tuesday.

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He said: “Over 10,000 people in Gaza and Israel have already lost their lives in the last month alone.

“Preventing the deaths of any more civilians must be our top priority.

“Our government must now use every diplomatic avenue possible and talk to governments of all persuasions to secure a negotiated ceasefire – one binding on all parties – that can bring an end to this crisis.”

Early day motions are effectively erased when parliament is prorogued, as happened last week, meaning the motion will need to be resubmitted.

Prior to the prorogation, it received the backing of 94 MPs including Burgon.

It was backed by many SNP MPs, both of Alba’s MPs, and a raft of Labour left-wingers.

Some shadow ministers signed the motion, including Imran Hussain. Liam Byrne, formerly chief secretary to the Treasury under Gordon Brown and someone seen as being on Labour’s right-wing, also signed the motion.