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A WWE wrestler has claimed that "all Scottish women look and talk like Shrek".

Grayson Waller, an Australian WWE performer, posted a picture of himself on Twitter with the caption: “Scotland is great!

“It’s dark before 5pm, freezing cold and all the women look and talk like Shrek.”

A few days earlier he posted a video of himself complaining about being sent to the UK by WWE.

“For the second time this year the WWE is sending me to the UK.

“I don’t think people realise what a hole the UK really is. I already did it. I went to Money in the Bank, I went to London and now they’re sending me back to that absolute cesspool and it’s not even summer anymore.

“So, it’s going to be freezing cold. Then they’re sending me to Nottingham, which I didn’t even know was a real place.

“And then Scotland. I can’t even understand what the people there say. It’s like they’re speaking a different language, a bunch of aliens.

“But never mind the fact that they’re sending me to the UK during Halloween, the best holiday of the year.

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“So instead of celebrating Halloween with a bunch of 9s and 10s in very good looking sexy costumes, I’m going to go to the UK with a bunch of actual ghouls and goblins.

“I’m going to be walking the streets thinking people are in scary costumes but that’s actually what people in the UK look like.

“I don’t know how I’m going to get through it”.

The feeling may very well be mutual, Grayson.

Currently known as one of WWE's most prominent heels, Waller has previously come under fire for criticising pop star Taylor Swift and her fans.