RIOT police had to be deployed to quell disorder after gangs of youths set fire to bins and blocked off roads in Dundee.

Council leader John Alexander told the BBC a clean-up operation was in “full sway” and described the scenes as “completely appalling”.

A mob of around 50 people went on the rampage in the Kirkton area of the city, sealing off roads with a barrier of burning bins and ransacking an empty house.

The riot was a repeat of similar scenes last year.

Posting on social media, Alexander said: “Once again, a small group brings the area down and for what… a chase, to appear ‘hard’ or for ‘fun’.

“Look at the ages of some of those in the videos. If you know your kids are involved in this then sadly, you’re part of the problem.

“As a parent, as much as a councillor for the area, it makes me so incredibly angry to see this.”

He added: “I’m in contact with officers as I type and I’m being kept up to date.

“Well done to the group of roughly 50 folk who have, quite literally, caused huge concern and worry in the area, cost taxpayers tens of thousands of pounds and once again knocked their own community.

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“Thanks, as ever, to Police Scotland Tayside and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service for putting themselves in harm’s way to protect the community.”

Speaking to the BBC, the council leader said he was awaiting an update from Police Scotland on whether anybody had been arrested.  

Chief Superintendent Phil Davison, local policing commander for Tayside Division, said: "There is no justification for this behaviour, and it will not be tolerated. Enquiries are ongoing to identify everyone involved.

"The safety of our communities is our main priority, and I would like to reassure the public in that we continue to work closely with our multiagency partners during this Halloween and bonfire period.

"We have specially trained colleagues from public order units to support our local policing teams when there is a risk of harm, such as fireworks being used recklessly, illegal bonfires and items being thrown."