PROTESTERS mobbed Keir Starmer’s car as he left Chatham House following a speech on Gaza. 

The group of demonstrators, which is understood to have included Jewish peace protesters and their allies, shouted and chanted at the Labour leader as he left the building to enter his vehicle.

Police officers pushed them aside, but the protesters ran at the car and drummed on the windows.

The National: Police officers move a man trying to block Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer's car as he leaves,

After the police cleared a path for the vehicle, protesters ran after it up the road.

Video circulating of the incident on Twitter/X shows protesters shouting "ceasefire now", "shame" and calling Starmer a "war criminal".

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It also shows Starmer quickly exiting the venue into the waiting vehicle while surrounded by security personnel. 

It's understood the location of the speech had been kept under wraps for security reasons. 

The National:

The National:

Starmer used his speech at the think tank to reject calls for a ceasefire in Gaza, and instead suggested it would "embolden" Hamas and cause further violence.

Photographs taken outside the London venue prior to the incident showed protesters holding banners that said "Jews against genocide" and "Starmer shame". 

They also chanted: “Palestinians are humans too, Keir Starmer shame on you”.