LAWYERS were forced to read out extraordinary texts sent by Dominic Cummings as part of the UK’s Covid-19 Inquiry.

The messages sent via WhatsApp saw Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser tell the then prime minister that his Cabinet ministers were “useless f*** pigs” and criticise then-health secretary Matt Hancock as a “proven liar”.

Christian Calgie, a senior political correspondent at The Daily Express, said broadcasters were in meltdown, as counsel to the inquiry Andrew O’Connor (in the clip below) read the messages out.

Calling for a reshuffle, Cummings said in a WhatsApp message in August 2020, in full: “At the moment the bubble thinks youve taken your eye off ball, you’re happy to have useless f*** pigs in charge, and they think that a vast amount of the chaotic news on the front pages is coming from No10 when in fact it’s coming from the Cabinet who are feral – if you maintain your approach of last few months, your authority will be severely weakened and you will lose good people cos [sic] they dont want to be part of something that looks like mayhem.”

Cummings added: “I also must stress I think leaving Hancock in post is a big mistake – he is a proven liar who nobody believes or shd [sic] believe on anything, and we face going into autumn crisis with the c*** in charge of NHS still.”

Following the release of the texts, Cummings defended the comments, saying he was “reflecting a widespread view” when he used expletive-laden descriptions of Cabinet ministers.

Hugo Keith KC, lead counsel to the UK Covid-19 Inquiry asked whether he contributed to a lack of effectiveness on the part of ministers, Cummings replied: “No, I think I was reflecting a widespread view amongst competent people at the centre of power at the time about the calibre of a lot of senior people who were dealing with this crisis extremely badly.”

He conceded his language was “appalling”, but said his “judgment of a lot of senior people was widespread”.

Pressed on whether he expressed his views too trenchantly and his opinion of the Cabinet overstated the position, the former key aide said: “No, I would say, if anything, it understated the position as events showed in 2020.”