A DRUNK Scottish woman went "berserk" and attacked multiple police officers to injury with her teeth and nails.

Stephanie Nelson — who has been spared prison — caused one of the officers to have to undergo medical treatment for six months as a result of her violence.

Nelson, 39, assaulted a total of five officers and launched a tirade of verbal abuse after she was found topless and in a drunken stupor face down on the kitchen floor of a Port Glasgow flat.

Police were called out to the Rowan Court high-rise block in the early hours after a friend of Dubbs Road resident Nelson reported that she was "in the kitchen going berserk".

Prosecutor Chloe Lacey told a sentencing hearing at Greenock Sheriff Court: "Two primary school-aged children were asleep in a bedroom.

"The accused was asked to put on a T-shirt and provide her name, at which point she raised her hands and her middle fingers gesturing towards the police and shouting expletives at them.

 "She continued to be extremely hostile, shouting, swearing and making threats to police.

"She was placed in handcuffs and threatened to bite and spit at officers."

After being restrained with fast straps, one of the officers tried to cover Nelson's naked body with a top and narrowly avoided being bitten on her arm.

Nelson swore and shouted: "I'm going to sink my teeth into one of yous."

She was then asked for her name and date of birth and replied, with an expletive: "No. I'm a typical Port burd."

Nelson attempted to bite another PC and used her fingernails to scratch another officer's arm causing the skin to break.

It took four officers to restrain her while she had fast straps and handcuffs applied.

The court heard that the children were woken up and were "in a distressed state crying inconsolably" before Nelson was eventually placed into a cell van.

Fiscal depute Lacey said: "She showed no regard for police safety, attempting to bite whenever she could.

"It took four officers to lift her from the van and she was placed straight in a cell.

"There, she bit an officer's inner left thigh causing the skin to break and made another attempt to bite a female officer's leg."

As a result of being bitten, one of the PCs was left with a superficial wound and another constable received medical treatment.

Their injury was cleaned and they were given antibiotics, while they also required blood tests and went to occupational health for six months after the incident.

Defence solicitor Gerry Keenan said Nelson had "lost complete control of her emotions".

Keenan added: "The seriousness of the matter is not lost on her.

"She was intoxicated and suffering from PTSD, depression and anxiety.

"Two traumatic events, one in 2017 and one in May 2020, caused that diagnosis."

The lawyer said Nelson had "turned to alcohol as a means of alleviating the difficulties in her life" and that was "the trigger" for her behaviour.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Sheena Fraser told Nelson: "You appear before me on five separate charges of assaulting police officers who were just going about their duties, one of whom had to be monitored by medical staff for months afterwards.

"Children were clearly affected by it.

"Given the nature of your offending I could send you to prison today but I can only do that if there is no alternative available.

"You are currently subject to a community payback order [for a separate offence] with six months to run.

"This was imposed after these offences and I am told you are engaging well.

"In your circumstances it would be better for the court to keep an eye on you for longer than it would if I were to impose a prison sentence.

"This will allow you to pay back to society for your behaviour on this particular day."

As a direct alternative to custody, Nelson, of Dubbs Road, was ordered to complete 225 hours of unpaid work in the community within 12 months. She will also be supervised for a year.