HUMZA Yousaf has said that he stands with Jewish communities in Scotland after an anti-semitic incident in Dagestan.

It comes after reports that hundreds of people had stormed into the main airport in Russia’s Dagestan region and on to the landing field, in protest at the arrival of a plane from Tel Aviv, Israel.

Russian news reports said people in the crowd were shouting antisemitic slogans and tried to storm the plane belonging to Russian carrier Red Wings.

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Authorities closed the airport in Makhachkala, the capital of the predominantly Muslim region, and police converged on the facility on Sunday.

Yousaf commented on a news report about the incident posted by LBC on X, formerly Twitter.

He wrote: “Absolutely terrifying footage.

“There is real fear amongst our Jewish communities worldwide about the rise of antisemitism.

“I stand with our Jewish community in Scotland against antisemitism. We can not allow the forces of hatred to divide us.”

The ministry of internal affairs for Russia’s North Caucasian Federal District, where Dagestan is located, said CCTV footage would be used to establish the identities of those who stormed the airport, and that those involved would be brought to justice.

While voicing support for Gaza, the regional Dagestani government appealed to people to remain calm and not take part in such protests.

“We urge residents of the republic to treat the current situation in the world with understanding.

“Federal authorities and international organisations are making every effort to bring about a ceasefire against Gaza civilians.

“We urge residents of the republic not to succumb to the provocations of destructive groups and not to create panic in society,” the Dagestani government wrote on Telegram.

The supreme mufti of Dagestan, Sheikh Akhmad Afandi, called on residents to stop the unrest at the airport.

“You are mistaken. This issue cannot be resolved in this way. We understand and perceive your indignation very painfully. We will solve this issue differently. Not with rallies, but appropriately. Maximum patience and calm for you,” he said in a video published to Telegram.

Russia’s civilian aviation agency, Rosaviatsia, later reported that the airfield had been cleared of unauthorised people, but that the airport would remain closed to incoming aircraft until November 6.