THE former SNP MP Angus MacNeil is set to work with Alba in Westminster.

Although he will continue to sit as an independent MP, Alba announced that he will now work alongside Alba MPs Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill as part of a “Scotland United for Independence Group”.

It comes after MacNeil was suspended from the SNP Westminster group in July following a public spat with chief whip Brendan O’Hara in the division lobby.

Following the one-week suspension MacNeil refused to rejoin the group until the SNP showed “urgency” on the issue of independence.

He was subsequently expelled from the party and now sits as an independent MP.

Speaking about the announcement, Hanvey said pro-independence politicians who fail to work across parties will only impede progress.

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“Whilst Angus will continue to sit as an independent MP, following his offer to work cross party on independence, it’s only Alba who have responded and he has now begun working with us under the shared banner of Scotland United.

“A United Scotland campaign can only make progress if those involved hold a genuine determination for Scotland to be a normal independent country.

“Those who choose devolution or disregard the aspirations of their voters now risk being crushed on the political rocks.

“Our movement is resilient and will regroup driving forward to independence with or without them.”

It comes after the former SNP leadership candidate Ash Regan defected from the party and joined Alba.

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Making the announcement at the Alba Party conference on Saturday, Alex Salmond said Regan's "addition to Alba sends a powerful message about the focus and determination we bring to achieving an independent Scotland".

Hanvey added: “[The] Alba Party will make a significant contribution to contesting the General Election next year but our strategic objective is the next Scottish Parliament elections.

“Ash Regan is the first Alba Party member of the Scots Parliament but we will be aiming to return a significant block of pro independence MSPs at that election.”

Alba already announced that they would not be contesting MacNeil’s seat at the next General Election and would instead be working together to elect him as a pro-independence MP.