FIRST Minister Humza Yousaf has confirmed he cannot "get through" to his family as communications have been cut in Gaza.

Yousaf, who is married to Nadia El-Nakla, was "praying" Elizabeth El-Nakla and her husband Maged would survive the night.

Speaking on X/Twitter, the First Minister said: "Gaza is under intense bombing.

"Telecommunications have been cut.

"We can't get through to our family who have been trapped in this war zone for almost 3 weeks.

"We can only pray they survive the night.

"How many children have to die before the world says enough?"

This comes as the Hamas government said Israel had "cut communications and most of the internet" across the Gaza Strip on Friday.

The Palestinian Red Crescent, the main emergency service in Gaza, said it was cut off from its operations room because of the internet blackout.

Journalists from Agence France-Presse (AFP) in Gaza confirmed they were only able to communicate in limited areas where they could connect to Israeli networks across the border.

The Israeli military said its ground forces are “expanding their activity” in the Gaza Strip, as the army moved closer to a full ground invasion of the besieged territory.

Daniel Hagari, the army’s spokesman, said aerial attacks had been targeting Hamas tunnels and other targets.

Hagari said: “In addition to the attacks that we carried out in recent days, ground forces are expanding their activity this evening.

“The IDF is acting with great force… to achieve the objectives of the war.”

In a statement on Twitter/X, UK Foreign Secretary James Cleverly said the Government "supports Israel's right to self defence" in line with International Humanitarian Law.

Reacting to the news, SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn (below) called for Parliament to be recalled as it is due to enter into recess next week.

The National: SNP Westminster group leader Stephen Flynn speaking during Prime Minister's Questions

Flynn said on Twitter/X: "If accurate, and a ground incursion is about to occur, it’d be inconceivable for the doors of the UK Parliament to remain shut.

"With UK citizens trapped in Gaza and potential for huge regional and international impact, a recall would have to take place to press for a ceasefire."