BORIS Johnson has announced he will be presenting a new show on GB News.

In a video revealing his new venture, the former prime minister said he would be offering his "unvarnished views" on politics and world affairs. 

He said: “Hi folks, Boris Johnson here.

"I’m excited to say that I’m shortly joining you on GB News and I’m going to be giving this remarkable new TV channel my unvarnished views on everything from Russia, China, the war in Ukraine, how we meet all those challenges to the huge opportunities that lie ahead for us, why I think our best days are yet to come and why, on the whole, the people of the world want to see more global Britain not less.

“So join me on GB News for some great British television."

GB News said Johnson, who stood down as the MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip earlier this year, would be presenting a new series "showcasing the power of Britain around the world". 

He will also host "the occasional special in front of live audiences around the UK". 

Michael Booker, the broadcaster's editorial director, said: “I’m delighted to say, GB News has got Boris ‘done’!

“We are tremendously proud to have him join the GB News family, particularly as we head into a seismic year of politics both here and across the Atlantic.

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"Boris has been the most influential prime minister of our generation, and his unique insight into domestic and world affairs will be a smash hit with our viewers and listeners.

“As well as his political skills, he’s an incredibly talented journalist and author, so we can’t wait to start working with him on what will be must-see TV.”

Before entering politics, Johnson worked as a journalist and editor. He was fired from his first job at The Times after he was caught fabricating a quote and moved to a job at The Telegraph, where he worked in the paper's Brussels bureau. 

During his time reporting on Europe, Johnson helped popularise myths about the EU including that it wanted to ban prawn cocktail crisps and British sausages, and to standardise the size of condoms because Italians had smaller penises, according to the London Review of Books.

He quit as an MP just days before the conclusion of an investigation into his conduct during the pandemic, which found that Johnson had knowingly and repeatedly lied to Parliament

Since leaving frontline politics, Johnson was signed, reportedly for a six-figure sum, by the Daily Mail as a columnist