ANAS Sarwar has called for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas, putting further pressure on Keir Starmer to call for an end to the violence.

In a video post on social media, the Scottish Labour leader said too many innocent lives have been lost in both Israel and Palestine.

He said: “We are all so desperate for peace and are desperate to see the end of violence.

“And that is why we need to see the immediate release of hostages, immediate access to humanitarian supplies, food, medicine, electricity, water, into Gaza, the immediate cessation of violence, with an end of rocket fire into and out of Gaza.

"And let me be clear, that means a ceasefire right now.

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"That’s the only way we can see a safe, secure and free Palestine and a safe, secure and free Israel."

So far, Starmer has stopped short of calling for a ceasefire and has instead backed calls for "humanitarian pauses" to allow aid into Gaza.

But he has faced an enormous wall of criticism from within his own party with 15 officials quitting in Scotland this week and Labour MPs - including members of his frontbench team - signing a motion calling for the Government to support a ceasefire.

Some 150 Muslim Labour councillors also wrote to Starmer and deputy Labour leader Angela Rayner on Wednesday urging them to back an “immediate ceasefire”.

Sarwar added "we must have the maintenance of international law" and that Israel withholding essential supplies from Gaza is "a breach of international law".

He called for a two-state solution "with an end to occupation, an end to siege".

Sarwar said: "Only when every life is treated as equal will we see peace."