GB News breached impartiality rules during a programme presented by former Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney, who was standing in for Laurence Fox, the broadcasting watchdog has found.

During the broadcast on June 16, Daubney gave his views on immigration and asylum policy in the context of the controversy over small boats crossing the English Channel, and also interviewed Richard Tice (below), the leader of the Reform Party which was formerly known as the Brexit Party.

The National: Richard Tice.

On Monday, UK media regulator Ofcom said the programme did not meet the “heightened impartiality requirements” which apply to programmes discussing “matters of major political controversy and current public policy”.

It said Tice presented his views on the programme “with insufficient challenge” and the “limited alternative views presented in the programme were dismissed”.

“The programme therefore did not include and give due weight to an appropriately wide range of significant views, as required by the Code,” Ofcom said.

“GB News accepted that the content was not compliant with the heightened special impartiality requirements in the Code.”

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It added: “We expect GB News to take careful account of this decision in its compliance of future programming.”

Daubney, who was also deputy leader of the Reclaim Party, was standing in for presenter Fox, who has since been dismissed following comments he made on air about a female journalist.

The actor-turned-politician made a series of personal remarks about political correspondent Ava Evans, including asking “Who would want to shag that?”, on the Dan Wootton Tonight programme on September 26.

Fox was sacked by GB News, while an internal investigation into Wootton continues.