A DOG walker was left shocked to discover a seal near Glasgow Green on Friday afternoon.

Ross McCully said it “made his day” when he found the seal at the The Clyde Tidal Weir while out walking in the city.

The 31-year-old, from East Kilbride, quickly snapped videos of the rare sight as the creature swam in the River Clyde and lay on the water level infrastructure.

The National: The seal was spotted in GlasgowThe seal was spotted in Glasgow (Image: Sourced)

The incident happened at around 3.26pm and Ross said the seal seemed perfectly happy and “not in any distress”.

Ross said: “I was surprised when I saw it and was glad it stayed long enough to get some footage.

“I knew it was quite rare to see it so it made my day.

“I was just out for a walk with my dog.

“We always stop at the weir for 10 minutes and look at the river.

“It didn’t seem to be in distress of anything.”

The SSPCA have been contacted for comment.