THE body of a 57-year-old woman has been recovered from a river in Angus, where a red weather alert is currently in force, Police Scotland said.

Officers were called to the Water of Lee at Glen Esk at about 13:45 and the body was found at 16:00.

A spokesperson added: "There are no suspicious circumstances surrounding the death and a report will be submitted to the procurator fiscal.”

First Minister Humza Yousaf  sent his condolences  to her family. 

He said: "Such sad news. My thoughts are with the family, friends and loved ones of the woman who has sadly lost her life."

People living in areas hit by red weather warnings are being urged not to travel amid the "very serious situation".

The Met Office has extended the weather warning, which is in place from 6pm, from the initial warning area to cover the area north of Perth and Aberfeldy.

It now stretches from southern Aberdeenshire and Angus to the outskirts of Dundee and Perth. Other parts of Scotland are affected by yellow and amber warnings.

On Thursday evening, as hundreds of people were evacuated due to flood fears in Brechin, Yousaf said the Government had completed a Resilience Meeting about the situation.

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"We urge people to listen to the advice, particularly in the red warning area urging people not to travel, it is for your own safety," he wrote.

"We, alongside local partners, are focused on people's welfare. We continue to monitor the situation closely. There will be severe disruption in some parts of the country, so please listen to the advice and stay safe."

And speaking to BBC Scotland, Deputy FM Shona Robison said the situation is "very serious" as red warnings are not often issued.

“People should check in with Police Scotland or Transport Scotland to make sure they know whether their area is covered," she urged.

“People should absolutely not travel in those areas.”

She also warned that Storm Babet could hit more parts of Scotland in the coming days.

Robison said: “We are only at the start of this weather event – that’s really important for people to appreciate.

“There is the risk, danger, and possibility of more areas being affected so we will make sure that any changes are communicated as quickly as possible.”

Meanwhile Angus Council is evacuating more than 400 homes in the red weather warning area “for their own safety”, with three rest centres set up.

Two further rest centres are being prepared in Aberdeenshire, for residents unable to remain in their homes.