LABOUR’S new Union flag membership cards have been compared to those of the far-right political party Britain First – by Britain First’s leader.

Paul Golding, who leads the party, tweeted a picture of the new card – featuring a slogan promising that Labour would put “the country first”.

Golding wrote: “Labour Party membership cards are looking very ‘Britain First’."

In a revised design, the front of party members’ cards now prominently features a Union flag instead of a traditional Labour rose, and on the reverse highlights Clause IV of the party’s constitution, which was controversially changed by Tony Blair in 1995.

Clause IV’s revision saw the party’s official rule book drop its support for the nationalisation of industries.

The new cards have raised eyebrows on social media, with one Twitter/X user commenting: “The new Labour Party membership card has a [Union flag] on one side, and a call to put ‘country first’ on the other.

“Have they become the BNP?”

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Another said: “Still a paid-up member of the party and I’m cringing at this new membership card from Labour. Why do we need the Union flag?

“And the tag line ‘Putting the country first’ with the last two lines large feels fascist to me.”

One tweet read: “Wish this was satire, but it seems to be real. Yes, this is the new Labour membership card. COUNTRY FIRST.

“What hope have we got when the supposedly left wing option is aping fascism? The UK is done. Scotland needs to get out before this poison takes root here too.”