The National:

A FORMER GB News host who has set up a crowdfunding page to “keep a roof over his head” is enjoying a holiday at Disney World in the US. 

Calvin Robinson was fired from the conspiracy-laden broadcaster last week after stepping into a row over misogynistic comments made by Laurence Fox.

Fox – appearing on the Dan Wootton Show – had called journalist Ava Evans a “little woman” and asked: “Who would want to shag that?”

Wootton, Fox, and then Robinson were suspended amid the outrage. Fox and Robinson were both fired soon after – while an internal probe into Wootton is ongoing.

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Never one to miss a grift, Robinson quickly pivoted to set up a crowdfunded plea to help him “keep a roof over his head”.

On the website GiveSendGo, Robinson’s appeal reads: “The so-called home of free speech has cancelled yet another person. Deacon Calvin Robinson was suspended for openly supporting his colleagues and has since been fired from GB News, effective immediately.

“Surely, you cannot call yourself the home of free speech and continuously engage in cancel culture?

“GB News was Dcn Calvin's primary source of income. We are raising funds to keep a roof over his head so that he can maintain his self-supporting ministry in London. We are also raising funds for a potential legal battle. Dcn Calvin will not take this one lying down!”

Robinson is aiming to raise £30,000 for his "crusade against cancel culture. According to the website’s counter, he is currently at £28,753 from 821 supporters.

Maybe it’s that he’s close to his target – but on his Instagram, Robinson does not seem too concerned about money.

The former GB News host has shared numerous pictures of himself at Disney World Resort, “the most magical place on earth”.

The National:

Robinson has tagged himself as being at Walt Disney World’s Hollywood Street, as he also visited Toy Story exhibits, and the Star Wars theme park.

There’s a picture of him in front of the Millennium Falcon spaceship, and another in front of the famous Pixar lamp.

Oh, and he has also shared numerous pictures of food – including what appears to be a slap-up steak dinner.

Tough times.

The National:

It’s not only the Jouker who has noticed Robinson’s holidaying.

Scots comic Janey Godley commented: “The irony.”

Elsewhere, she shared a post which read: “I do hope you managed to resist donating to fake vicar Calvin ‘the clown’ Robinson’s crowd funder, pleading to keep a roof over his impoverished, humble, holy little head after his sacking by GB News.

“His Instagram stories are currently chronicling his holiday in Florida.”

Other media types have apparently also been sniffing around, as Robinson shared emails from journalists about his trip on Facebook.

He also shared his reply, which reads: "I am in Florida on a speaking engagement which was arranged months ago. I am with a group of godly Anglicans, and I am thankful for their 
fellowship after a gruelling week.

"My flight and accommodation was covered by the organisers, and I did not charge a fee. 

"The support I have received on my crowdfund has been overwhelming. There are a lot of kind 
and supportive people out there. Without it I could have been made homeless by GB News, 
after being instantly cut off. I live hand-to-mouth like a lot of people in this country. 

"Those funds will go to pay my rent and bills and will not be touched for this trip, which was pre- 
arranged and pre-funded. It just goes to show there are some bad faith critics just looking for a 
reason to express their hatred towards anyone with politics they disagree with.

"The cry of 'grifter' is most often the cry of the politics of envy. It's a jealous projection made in bad faith, those people are best ignored."