SUPPORT for both Labour and the SNP is down in Scotland, according to a new poll.

In Redfield & Wilton Strategies’ latest monthly polling of Scots voting intention at Westminster, the SNP led Labour by two-points.

However, support for the SNP was down one-point at 34% while support for Labour dipped three-points to 32%.

Despite Rishi Sunak receiving a personal approval rating of -27%, with a majority of Scots disapproving of his overall performance as Prime Minister, the polling found support for the Tories to have increased by six-points to 21%.

It comes after the Tory candidate in the Rutherglen and Hamilton West by-election lost his deposit after failing to receive at least 5% of votes cast.

Labour’s candidate, Michael Shanks, emerged victorious defeating the SNP’s Katy Loudon by 17,845 votes to 8399. 

Humza Yousaf’s approval rating sat at -7% while Keir Starmer enjoyed a positive rating of +7%, up two-points from the last poll.

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But Scots did appear unified on one issue: the incompetence of the UK Government.

A majority of people (60%) said they found the current UK Government to be incompetent, with just 16% believing it to be competent.

Scottish voters also gave the UK Government negative net approval ratings on every policy issue listed, including the NHS (-50%), the economy (-40%) and housing (-39%).

Voters were also asked about their voting intentions in a Scottish Parliament election, with the next one not due to be held until May 2026.

On constituency voting Labour narrowed the gap between itself and the SNP by three points to 6%.

However, the SNP regained it lead on regional list voting intentions.