A NEW Scots Scriever working within Dumfries and Galloway is being sought.

The National Library of Scotland is seeking applicants to the one-year residency which aims to support the creation of original writing in Scots as well as the promotion of the language throughout communities in Scotland.

National librarian Amina Shah said targeting specific regions had helped the project become a success and wanted the next Scriever to promote Galloways Scots to the masses.

“Over the past few years we have chosen to be location-specific with our Scriever programme, and this has paid off,” she said.

“Orcadian Scriever Alison Miller delivered excellent work in Orkney in 2022. As we were about to launch our new Treasures exhibition during her residency, we asked if she might respond to the collections items on show.

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“She recited a haunting poem that spoke to Ae Fond Kiss and Bantam, and also linked the archives to the present day, in this case the invasion of Ukraine.

“Miller was a hard act to follow, but Shane Strachan smashed it as the Doric Scriever this year.

“He delivered events around the country, including to schools, and produced excellent written work in response to the Library’s Scots collections.

“If you’re a writer with a flair for Galloway Scots, and a passionate advocate of the language, we want to hear from you.”

Shane Strachan, an author and lecturer in creative writing at the University of Aberdeen, will pass the baton after spending a year promoting the Doric language of north east Scotland.

The National: Shane Strachan is the current Scots Scriever promoting the Doric language Shane Strachan is the current Scots Scriever promoting the Doric language (Image: National Library of Scotland)

He was recently awarded Scots Champion of the Year at the Scots Language Awards. He said he relished searching through the Library’s archives, particularly those in Doric.

“Being Scots Scriever has gien ma the space, time and resources tae scrieve new wirks in Scots, and the confidence and platform tae write in braider Scots.

“It’s also been an affa rare opportunity tae share my dialect o North East Scots (Doric) tae a much wider audience ootside my hame region, performin tae audiences across Scotland in Edinburgh, Perth, Johnstone and Wigtown, as weel as a conference in Paris!

“Screivers o Dumfries and Gallowa – get applyin!”

The successful applicant will produce original work in Scots, with the freedom to publish in any genre or discipline, during the 12-month residency.

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As well as being given the time to explore the National Library’s extensive Scots language selection they will also promote Galloway Scots within Dumfries and Galloway and further afield in Scotland, with in-person events and via social media.

Alan Bett, head of literature & publishing at Creative Scotland, said:

“The Scriever offers Scots language writers a unique opportunity to develop new literary works with support from the National Library of Scotland and access to the Library’s extensive Scots language collections as inspiration.

“So much of the vibrancy of Scots comes from the dialects and variations within it, much linked to community and history.

“This is why, following a focus on Orcadian and Doric over the past two years, the richness of Scots language in Dumfries and Galloway is at the heart of this year’s iteration.

“We’re looking forward to a wide range of applications from the many writers working in Scots across its many literary forms.”