AN ITV report has claimed that the removal of peak rail fares in Scotland has been “funded by the UK Government”.

Good Morning Britain journalist Juliet Dunlop was filmed on a ScotRail service between Edinburgh and Glasgow on the first day of the six-month trial of scrapping peak time tickets.

In her piece to camera, Dunlop can be heard claiming that as well as being funded by Westminster, the initiative is “thought to be a UK first”.

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However, not only is transport a devolved issue - meaning the Scottish Government is responsible for setting policy and funding for these areas - the scheme was part of the Bute House Agreement between the SNP and Scottish Greens.

It was only made possible because ScotRail was taken into public ownership by the Scottish Government.

In her package broadcast on Monday morning at 8.09am, Dunlop says: “As of this morning it is all change on the railway network in Scotland as most commuters can expect to make significant savings.

“Now we are on the busy Glasgow to Edinburgh route this morning and from today well the cost of a rush hour ticket is almost halved in price.

“Now this initiative is being funded by the UK Government, it's thought to be a UK first.”

The Scottish Government-funded project allows customers to travel all day on off-peak fares from October 2 until the end of March 2024.

In a second clip shared by GMB’s Twitter/X account from earlier in the morning, Dunlop says that the scheme will cost the Scottish Government “millions of pounds”.

However, the clip where she claims that the project is funded by the UK has been viewed over 10,000 times in just under 12 hours.

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“Gas lighting from @GMB reporter this morning, claiming train fare price cuts on Scotrail is funded by UK Gov instead of Scot Gov,” Twitter/X user Mary Summer, who shared the footage, wrote.

“That's not gaslighting, it's out and out lies and propaganda!!” one social media user added.

Another said: “That's a downright lie.”

A number of other social media users called on ITV to make a correction.

ITV has been contacted for comment.