PEAK ScotRail fares have now been scrapped in a six-month trial aiming to encourage people to use rail instead of car.

Scotland’s nationalised rail operator has said the trial will see massive savings for people across the country.

The project is the first of its kind in the UK and will support the Scottish Government’s ambition to achieve net zero.

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Here’s everything you need to know.

What does scrapping peak fares mean?

A peak fare means paying a higher price for travelling at a certain time of day, generally when it’s busier.

By contrast, off-peak fares are available for travelling at less busy times. But this project means that people will be able to enjoy off-peak tickets at any time of day.

How much money will people save?

ScotRail’s website cites a number of examples of various journeys where people will save money thanks to the new project.

For example, train tickets for travel during traditional peak times between Edinburgh and Glasgow will drop from £28.90 to £14.90.

Here’s an example of some of Scotland’s most popular routes and the savings the project will lead to.

  • Inverkeithing – Edinburgh £11.10 to £6.50
  • Perth – Dundee £14.40 to £9.90
  • Glasgow – Stirling £16.10 to £9.60
  • Inverurie – Aberdeen £11.10 to £8.90
  • Inverness – Elgin £22.00 to £14.40

Does this mean that off-peak fares will also be reduced?

The project does not mean that all rail fares will be reduced, only those journeys which previously took place at peak times.

Where a journey has no current off-peak fare, customers will not see a change.

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However, the trial does mean that off-peak tickets will now be valid for travel on any train so there’s no need to worry about whether or not your able to travel at a certain time.

What about buying tickets?

The process of buying tickets hasn’t changed but ScotRail has said it expects more people to be travelling during the trial.

People have therefore been encouraged to download the ScotRail app which are available to download instantly.

You can find out more on the ScotRail website HERE.