The National:

A WORD cloud broadcast on the BBC’s flagship Sunday morning politics show has revealed what people really think about Rishi Sunak.

Public opinion researchers at More in Common asked respondents what they felt the Prime Minister stood for.

The results, which were broadcast on Sunday with Laura Kuenssberg, centred not on Sunak’s policy platform or performance in Downing Street but on something else entirely: his enormous personal wealth.

The largest word in the cloud – which means it was the most commonly expressed word used to describe Sunak in the survey – was “rich”.

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However, it was accompanied by others such as “wealth”, “greed”, “upper class”, “elite” and “himself”.

The results will make painful reading for Sunak.

In his latest attempt to garner votes for his flagging party, the Prime Minister declared that policies aimed at improving the lives of pedestrians and cyclists are part of a “war of motorists”.

He blasted the rollout of default 20mph speed limits on restricted roads and built-up areas in Wales by the devolved government.

Sunak also vowed to stop 15-minute city initiatives, which seek to ensure that essential amenities such as GPs, supermarkets and sports facilities are all within a 15-minute walk within cities.

Why bother walking when you can take the Bentley, eh, Rishi?