SCOTLAND is spending more on frontline public services than both England and Wales, figures obtained by the SNP have shown.

Figures showed spending on the NHS, police officers and firefighters are all higher than their counterparts in other nations of the UK.

The SNP said it showed the Scottish Government are “truly committed” to building strong public services. Despite the impact of Tory austerity across the UK, and Labour “mismanagement” in Wales, the party said that Scotland was “outperforming” its counterparts in delivering strong public services.

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NHS spending per person in Scotland equates to £3377, compared to £3054 in England (10.6% lower), and £3303 in Wales (2.2% lower).

The SNP say this works out proportionately at almost £1.8 billion more spent on frontline health services in Scotland compared to England, and almost £405 million compared to Wales.

According to statistics from the Scottish Parliament’s Information Centre (SPICe), police starting salaries and average salaries are also higher than both England and Wales.

The National: SNP MSP Bill Kidd

Officers in Scotland can expect a starting salary of £30,039, with the average salaries ranging between £30,039 and £48,237. In England and Wales, officers can expect a starting salary of £28,551, with average salaries ranging between £28,551 and £46,044.

There is also a significantly higher number of firefighters per 10,000 people in Scotland, with the figure at 134. The equivalent in England is 55 and in Wales 92.

SNP MSP Bill Kidd (above) said: “These figures clearly show that the SNP are the only party of Government truly committed to building strong public services.

“Our public service workers do a crucial job in looking after us, protecting us, and keeping us safe - so I would like to acknowledge and thank them for all that they do.

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“As Labour mismanagement and Tory austerity damage services across the rest of the UK, the SNP are the only party who can be trusted to protect crucial public services in Scotland.

“Scotland in the UK is already outperforming England and Wales in delivering strong public services. With the full powers of independence at our disposal, we’d be able to go further in creating a better nation for everyone who lives here.

“Neighbouring nations of a similar size are fairer, wealthier, and more equal than the UK - so why not Scotland?"

We previously told how a majority of Scots remain satisfied with public services in the country despite faith in the NHS falling since the pandemic, according to a major survey.