A RYANAIR flight travelling from Edinburgh to Spain had to be diverted due to an “emergency” onboard.

The FR5663 flight departed the capital for Malaga shortly before 5pm on Tuesday but was forced to divert to Manchester Airport after take-off following reports a passenger had taken ill.

After broadcasting an emergency squawk signal, the plane touched down in Manchester around 5.55pm.

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Emergency crews met the plane on the runway and the passenger was taken to a nearby hospital.

Their condition is currently unknown.

A spokesperson for Ryanair told the Daily Record: “This flight from Edinburgh to Malaga (September 26) diverted to Manchester after a passenger became ill onboard.

“The crew called ahead for medical assistance to meet the aircraft upon landing at Manchester Airport.

“The passenger was disembarked and transported to a nearby hospital for further treatment. This flight continued to Malaga following an approximately one hour delay and is due to land at around 22.45 local time.”