SUELLA Braverman has been attacked over “deeply ignorant and offensive” comments after a speech in which she claimed multiculturalism has “failed” in Europe and threatens social cohesion.

Delivering a speech in Washington DC, the Home Secretary also spoke of the UK’s resources being stretched thin due to illegal migration due to “high birth rates among foreign-born mothers”.

She also highlighted “threats to public safety”, noting “heightened levels of criminality connected to some small-boat arrivals”.

The SNP called for her to retract her comments and issue an urgent apology, saying it proves once again she is “unfit for office”.

In the speech to the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington DC on Tuesday, the Home Secretary said multiculturalism has “failed” in Europe and threatens social cohesion in the nation-state.

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She said: “Uncontrolled immigration, inadequate integration and a misguided dogma of multiculturalism have proven a toxic combination for Europe over the last few decades.”

She said multiculturalism “has failed because it allowed people to come to our society and live parallel lives in it”, and even “pursue lives aimed at undermining the stability and threatening the security of our society”.

Migration to the UK and Europe in the past 25 years “has been too much, too quick, with too little thought given to integration and the impact on social cohesion,” she said.

“If cultural change is too rapid and too big, then what was already there is diluted. Eventually it will disappear.”

It “does not make one anti-immigrant” to say that the nation-state must be protected, Braverman claimed, pointing to her own background as the “child of immigrants”.

Braverman also said the UK’s resources were being stretched thin due to illegal migration.

She told the audience: “Unless countries can prevent or rapidly remove illegal migrants, pressures on the state will compound over time. Accommodation cannot be magicked out of thin air.”

The National: The Scottish Refugee Council have said they are 'horrified' by Bravemeran's comments


Braverman said thousands of extra places in schools will need to be created due to “high birth rates among foreign-born mothers”.

“People who choose to come across the Channel illegally from another safe country have already showed contempt for our laws,” she said.

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Asked during a Q&A session afterwards if she would consider leaving the European Convention on Human Rights if it is too difficult to reform, Braverman said: “Just because multilateral negotiations are difficult it’s not a reason not to engage with international partners who are grappling with similar challenges and asking elemental questions about whether the frameworks are fit for purpose, and so I am seeking to build consensus internationally.

“The Prime Minister himself has said we will do whatever it takes to stop the boats. And that’s my position. And that illustrates the resolve, the intent and the commitment of the UK Government to fix this problem, whatever is required.”

On the Rwanda plan being stuck in the courts, she said: “I am confident in the lawfulness of our agreement.”

The National: Glasgow South West MP Chris Stephens

SNP justice and immigration spokesperson Chris Stephens MP (above) said: “The Home Secretary’s comments today are deeply ignorant and offensive, proving once again that she is unfit for office. She must retract her comments and issue an urgent apology.

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“Our immigration system should welcome with open arms women or LQBT+ people who are fleeing war-torn countries or places where they face persecution – instead the Tories and the Labour Party are too concerned with their obsession of deporting and dehumanising refugees.

“Instead of attacking the rights of refugees, the Home Secretary should be addressing the real issues in the asylum system, such as the record backlog, providing safe routes for those in need of protection, including refugee visas, resettlement and family reunion schemes.

“Whilst Scotland remains under the control of a cruel Westminster immigration system, refugees and asylum seekers in our communities will continue to face hardship and anxiety. The only way to guarantee that Scotland’s immigration system is based on the values of fairness and dignity is with the full powers of an independent country."