QUESTIONS are being asked of the UK Parliament over a bizarre error which appeared on its official website.

On a section displaying the breakdown of constituencies Scotland is described as “a region in England”.

Concerns were raised by the poet Gillian Ferguson on X/Twitter who noticed the error on Thursday.

She told The National: “'I was horrified this description could be allowed to appear on the UK Parliament website and nobody there noticed!

“It reflects the sad state of the dysfunctional Union that such an error could take place.”

Ferguson was inspired to check the page after a Plaid Cymru MP noticed an error which similarly described Wales as “a region in England”.

The National: The software error which appeared on the UK Parliament websiteThe software error which appeared on the UK Parliament website (Image: UK Parliament)

Hywel Williams, the MP for Arfon, said the mistake was “just one example of how Wales is treated in Westminster.”

A spokesperson for the UK Parliament said: “We were made aware of a software error in the website that incorrectly labelled Scotland as a region if a specific URL was used to visit the page. The issue has now been resolved." 

It’s unclear how long the erroneous description of Scotland has been on the website.

Northern Ireland also had a "specific URL" which resulted in it being labelled a region of England – but no such page existed for England itself.

This means that while there were pages for Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland describing them as a region of England as a result of the "software error", only England itself lacked such a page.