A PROPOSAL to revive the Yes brand with a new Scotland-wide campaign by the end of this year is being put forward as an amendment to the SNP leadership’s conference motion on independence.

A key part will be producing fresh materials as “a matter of urgency” which translate arguments for leaving the UK, as outlined in the Scottish Government’s white papers, into “clear doorstep messages, it is suggested.

It also calls for the word "independence" to be added to the party’s name and logo on UK election ballot papers in a bid to reach out to Yes voters beyond the SNP.

The independence motion, which has been signed by First Minister Humza Yousaf and seconded by SNP Westminster leader Stephen Flynn, sets out the party's strategy going into the next UK General Election and will be debated by party members next month.

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The amendment to this, which is being brought forward by SNP policy development convener Toni Giugliano, will call on members to agree that by the end of the year the SNP will “launch a Scotland-wide independence campaign which will include digital and print campaign assets, aimed at increasing support for independence”.

It says this will include the party working with cross-party groups and organisations and will also platform pro-independence voices from “all sectors of Scottish society”.

And, it goes on to say the SNP will engage with the Electoral Commission about “adding the words “Independence for Scotland” or words to that effect, to the party’s name and logo on the General Election ballot papers to "make it clear beyond doubt what’s at stake at this election”.

The National:

The amendment already has the backing of a number of branches and will be debated by members if included in the final conference agenda by the party’s Conferences Committee.

A supporting statement says: “One of the strengths of the 2014 Yes campaign was its broad reach. We successfully built a grassroots movement well beyond the confines of the SNP - and we demonstrated that independence support was present in every sector of Scottish society.

“To win an independence election we need to elevate the 'Yes' brand once again - platforming voices from across the movement and working alongside non-party affiliated groups like Believe in Scotland and Yes to EU.”

Giugliano told The National if it is selected for debate at the conference he is "optimistic" that delegates will back his amendment to the leadership motion.

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He said: "I've been campaigning with branches across Scotland and I know our activists are raring to go - but the party needs a firing gun moment - and it needs an independence campaign backed by voices from across the movement and every sector of Scottish society. That was the strength of 2014 - and we need to rediscover it.

"If we want to increase support for independence then we need to be clear with the electorate about what it will mean for them - how it will transform Scotland, improve quality of life and public services and escape the damage of Westminster and Brexit for good.

“Which is why my amendment calls on the party to invest in campaign assets that translate the key arguments contained in the Scottish Government independence papers into clear doorstep messages.

"Adding the word 'independence' to the General Election ballot papers makes it clear beyond doubt that this is our independence election - helping us to secure support from right across the independence movement.

"The British establishment has been throwing the kitchen sink for months and will continue to. A galvanised independence movement and a more confident Scotland must surely be our response."