The National:

PERHAPS before making his latest U-turn on climate commitments, Rishi Sunak should have listened to his own family.

If he wants to spare himself a bit of embarrassment, he certainly won’t want to listen back to his own words during the Tory leadership election.

During a debate with Liz Truss, Sunak was asked to show his environmental credentials and his answer seems even more laughable now than it did at the time.

It was his moment. His chance to show the world how he could solve the climate crisis. 

Instead, this is what we heard: “I will tell you advice from my two young daughters who are the experts of this in my household.

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“And what they say to me is reducing energy usage and the benefit of that is that it saves us money as well, so government should do more of that.”

Yes Rishi, perhaps governments should indeed do that. Maybe, just maybe, you should have even listened to your own daughters prior to this latest rollback.

He even said it was important to "leave things better for our children" but it seems that's been abandoned as well. 

Or maybe the Prime Minister (below) simply doesn’t care anymore. 

In the same groundbreaking response, he stressed the importance of recycling even though “you need lots of bins” and placed a focus on “innovation”.

At this rate, it would be innovative to see any of the UK Government simply stick to what they said they were going to do in the first place.

The National: Rishi Sunak during a hustings event at Wembley Arena, London

It was an all-round dark day for climate debate on that occasion in fairness, as all Truss could muster up was that she was an environmentalist “before it was cool”.

It’s been reported that the PM is currently holding an emergency Cabinet meeting over the reaction to the net zero U-turn – maybe he should have his daughters join via Zoom seen as that’s where he was meant to be getting his advice from.

At this rate, maybe they should just give the speech later today.