RENOWNED actor Brian Cox is set to share his expertise on the profession as the latest name to join the BBC’s online masterclass platform.

BBC Mastro is the corporation’s commercial education platform, which offers individual courses on a variety of subjects. 

Cox’s course, titled Acting, will see the Dundee-born performer give tips on how to deliver award-winning performances, capture an audience’s attention on stage and on camera, and show viewers how to embody multiple characters.

Over the six decades of his career so far, the independence-supporting Scot has won an Emmy, a Golden Globe, two BAFTAs, and two Olivier Awards.

The National: The independence-supporting actor will give tips on how to embody charactersThe independence-supporting actor will give tips on how to embody characters (Image: BBC)

A classically trained Shakespearean actor he has latterly become known for his role as Logan Roy in Succession.

The course includes practical lessons on character development, script analysis, and give aspiring actors tips on what techniques they need for their next audition.

It will also include a discussion about the key components of acting, insights from a casting director and a practical workshop led by Cox.

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"I am thrilled to be collaborating with BBC Maestro and sharing my passion for acting with a wider audience,” he said.

“As an actor, you’re there to interpret the script. It’s only by examining, and fully understanding, the script that you can then have the freedom to develop an intuitive style and deliver every line with authenticity.

“I hope the advice I share will help you find your place within the industry and provide the skills needed for a decades-spanning career."

Cox’s course on acting will be available later this year via for a price of £79.