A LABOUR MSP has taken her campaign for land justice to Trump International Golf Links in Aberdeenshire.

Mercedes Villalba was looking to highlight how just 432 landowners own 50% of all of Scotland’s privately owned rural land. 

She also argued that the Scottish Government’s land reform proposals are “too timid”.

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Villalba is currently consulting on proposals for her own Land Ownership and Public Interest members’ Bill.

The North East Scotland MSP’s proposals include introducing a presumed limit of 500 hectares on how much land the "super rich" can own, sell or transfer, above which a public interest test would be triggered.

Donald Trump’s 570-hectare holding in North East Scotland has long faced opposition from local residents who are concerned about the social and environmental impact of the former US president’s development on communities.

The National:

Speaking at Trump International (above), Villalba said: “Scotland’s being carved up without our say. It’s our land, it should work in all our interest.

“That’s why I’ve brought the campaign for land justice to Trump International Golf Links where promises for social homes, local jobs and environmental protections have been trashed.

“My proposal for land justice would empower people to challenge existing holdings that aren’t working for our communities and make sites like this, which are over 500 hectares, subject to a public interest test.

“The Scottish Government’s proposals for land reform are far too timid.

“They’ll only apply to land over 3000 hectares – that’s almost six times the size of Trump International – and they won’t apply to existing holdings like this one.

“I want to hear from as many people as possible. If you haven’t yet taken part in the consultation, please use your voice and have your say today."