Sheena Bruce Ashton (nee McQueen) was born on June 6, 1945, in Paisley, the 3rd of 4 children. Early childhood was shared between her parent and grandparents.

She attended Ralston Primary School where her class photo was displayed as part of their 50th anniversary celebrations, making her family very proud.

Once she left home, Sheena couldn’t stay away from family and this was apparent when she went to work in the kitchen at Littlewood Pools in Hillington, her mother worked in the kitchen and her sister in the office.

Sheena fought bravely and won the war against breast cancer in the only way she knew, head on. She spent some time in the Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice where she discovered her love and talent for oil painting. She loved all sorts of handcrafts, and her beautiful quilts don several local prams.

Sheena was a stalwart of Yes West Lothian and the independence movement and her support never wavered. She touched the hearts of everyone she met with her gentle and unassuming manner.

She was a strong person but never believed she was. She brought light and laughter everywhere she went and has left her family and friends with lovely memories.

Sheena will be laid to rest on Thursday, September 14, 12 noon at West Lothian Crematorium, Livingston EH54 7DA. All are welcome.

Yes West Lothian produced this film of the Edinburgh Yes March and have dedicated it to Sheena.